When God leaves...Soul of Cricket will Die..Long live "The God"

The Soul is dead..Long live "The God". When you discuss about Cricket, no discussion can start or end without a mention of "The God". That's how it has been all these 24 years. God is someone who has no limits, no boundaries, no stop..Sachin Tendulkar too did not know his limitations, he had no boundaries which could stop him and till the time he decided he had enough, there was no stopping him. The announcement was expected sooner than later, and that's when I felt that the adage.."The body dies, the Soul lives on" is also something which needs to be debated. When God leaves, the Soul will Die. The Soul of Cricket will definitely Die..perhaps another soul will be born to keep the Religion going, to keep the hearts beating and to keep the breath breathing. How else can one explain the 100 hundreds? How else can one explain the over 34000 International runs and How else can one explain the many records which are his? I still have two regrets, he


In India the best way to win elections is to manage the Five "M"s.. or rather is it the "Manipulation" of the Five "M"s? Mandir, Masjid, Market, Mahila and Mango (not the King of Fruits but the vegetated people). It need not necessarily be in this order. This blog post is presented as a counter view articulating the Opportunities lying in the Rupee depreciating or rather finding its right value and how we can benefit from the same while remaining oblivious to the Five "M" syndrome. The last two years has seen inflation in double digits and this meant that the purchasing power of the average Indian deteriorated. What was available for Rs.100/- in 2011 is not available even at Rs.120/- in 2013. However, we were continuing to buy since we believed in 2050. We purchased gold like there was no tomorrow and the yellow metal went up..up..and up. We continued to travel by cars, mostly owned despite the increase in Petrol prices. The so called smarte


The last two months have been very stressful to say the least. The beginning of the Indian Financial year saw Gold values getting shaved off significantly, then the bad news that all is not well with the Economy. Thereafter the near negative stance from the Reserve Bank and promises after promises from the Government. Now suddenly everything seems to be crumbling. We were talking about 2050 and now we are not sure about September 2013. The Rupee became a senior citizen and then decided that the road to death had to be faster and the race between the Country's age and the Rupee's value started. The Rupee is now older than the Country's age. What are all the indications? The aspiring student who planned for a Foreign degree in the best of institutions in USA for the fall season had not imagined that even before he started his first session, the cost of study would increase by 30% from the time he signed the offer letter and received his study visa. Now there is another wha


One of the most intriguing topics in the Business world is the "Start up". There have been many views written, spoken and experienced and many great successes, some unfortunate failures and some directionless drifting. Suddenly the environment is so dynamic, opportunistic and ever so compulsive (rather "no other go" sort of a situation) for the Independent foray into employment. Yes, Independence is probably the need which is prompting many of the adventurers to take the step towards starting up something on their own. Many a time I have come across youngsters, elders and the drifters (neither here nor there) who want to have their share of Independence. Here Independence means, independent to think, independent to ideate, independent to establish,  independent to decide, independent to operate, independent to perform and finally independent to succeed or succumb. The environment prompted me to bring out my view (independent, interdependent and experienced) on


Chief Executive Officer, Chief Finance Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Managing Director, Chairman and Managing Director, Non-Executive Chairman, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, Senior President, First President, Senior Executive Vice President, Executive Vice President, Senior Vice President, Vice President 1, Vice President 2, Associate Vice President, Assistant Vice President, General Manager, Deputy General Manager, Assistant General Manager, Chief Manager, Administrative Head, Head HR, Group Head, Jt. Managing Director, Dean, Vice-Chancellor, Professor, Adjunct Professor and to top it all..................... CHIEF MENTOR Every aspect of the Business world or otherwise and irrespective of what we do in life outside the homes cannot be without titles..or is it really that? The woman of the home feels it is very low if she is not introduced as "The Home Maker" and to further show case the position, advertisements depict the Lady first as "The Home Wife&q

Leadership Styles--The Transformational Leader

Change is the only constant and when change happens in a disruptive manner, it transforms the entire horizon which needs to be affected. In the same manner, there are some very special individuals who bring in these changes and the way they are willing to disrupt the existing systems and environment makes them "The Transformational Leader", one who takes the responsibility of an entire system and is willing to take a risk which hitherto was never taken and someone who takes ultimate responsibility of failure if at all encountered. Transformational Leadership style is the best leadership style ever invented or followed. This is the best leadership style for business situations since the Leader expects the best out of every member of his team and that includes himself. Nothing but the best can be part of this team and that is essentially due to years and years of hard work. They are brutally honest when it comes to assessing performance and none other than the best can susta

Leadership Styles--Transactional Leadership

Most of the times we associate Leadership styles with Individuals and that is one possible reason for the dearth of Leadership in most professions. Either we end up following a particular person or we end up in chaos if we don't find someone. On the other hand accepting a group of individuals or entities to lead the rest is also something which has its own advantages and disadvantages. If a group of individuals, then there is a significant possibility that irrespective of them being good or bad, we continue to accept whatever is thrown to us and if institutional, we end up without questioning the sanctity of the institution lest it be seen as a revolution. However, if the institution or group of individuals are able to create Leaders continuously without bias, then the result is something that cannot be replaced. In this post to show a particular difference I am bringing in Institutions and within them group of individuals (without naming anyone) within a particular leadership s